The 7 Commandments

  1. Duty to instruct
    The employer must provide for personal instruction and training in such a way that the work can be performed safely and secure.
  2. Accidents
    Accidents must be reported to the employer. Close call accidents must be reported to the employer.
  3. Periods of Rest and Days Off
    The employees must be ensured a period of rest of at least 11 continuous hours within each period of 24 hours and at least one day off a week.
  4. Toilet Conditions
    When working daily for more than 2 hours the employer must allocate proper toilets to be reached within approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Waiting time
    Since waiting time equals working hours that are paid for, waiting time must be spent where the work is being carried out unless other has been agreed upon.
  6. Lifting Technique
    Do not lift more than 25 kg at the same time (it roughly corresponds to one heap of newspapers of approximately 40-50 cm).
  7. Your Bike
    Do not overload your bike and spread the weight evenly. Read more about weight/measures from the menu "Your bike".


Besides the Danish Road Traffic Act must be complied with.