The Alarm-line

This is how the alarm-line works:

The company creates a telephone number, that is free to call. The phone is answered by a manager through working hours. At this number, you can always get hold of your manager.

Avoid confrontation if being harassed


Never go into a discussion / confrontation with persons or animals. Take a different route if you anticipate problems.

Fortunately, assaults are rare and not something to be afraid of. In the unlikely event that you experience something unpleasant, do the following:

Dont be a hero - use the alarmline

If in doubt about anything, contact your manager on the alarm-line number.

It is crucial not to take chances. If you feel uncomfortable - choose a different path. Even if it means a product can’t be delivered.

In case of incidents

If you experience or witness a violent incident or traumatic event, do the following:

  • Dial 112 (ambulance and police).
  • Give name, civil registration number, location and nature of the problem.
  • If you cannot get hold of the police, call the company at the alarmline number.

Regardless, always report incidents to your supervisor!


See what to do, if you are being harassed: Look here!