FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Frequently asked questions about night work and health control

Here you find the answer to some of the questions often asked about night work and health control

About night work
Night work is the 7 hours between 10 o'clock p.m.until 5 o'clock a.m. unless you have another agreement.

Who are nightworkers?
You are a nightworker when you work at least 3 hours of your daily working period in the night period or when you work at least 300 hours at night within 12 months.

About health control
A new colleague starts in our company and he is to work at night. Should he be offered health control before he starts in the job at night or later? The employees must be offered free health control before they start the night work.

How long time is the offer valid?
From the time when you get the offer of health control you have at least 2 days to accept it.

Is health control free for the employee?

How often should the employee be offered health control?
According  to the agreement at least every 2nd year and according to the law every 3rd year.

What does health control include?
Health control is no health check or health examination. The purpose alone is to prevent work related sufferings or to better the environment. Can be a questionnaire examination complemented by general information in writing or at a lecture.

Who goes through the health control questionnaire?
Trained health personnel should go through the questionnaire. Information regarding health controls isconfidential. The employer will only get a total evaluation/ conclusion of all the health controls.

What do you do if you can see from the health control that an employee suffers from health problems because he works at night?
The health personnel must ask the employee to see his own doctor in order to get a thorough examination. If problems can be proven to be due to the night work the person must tell the employer. He must - after this - if and when it is possible offer a daytime job.

Night work problems

Typical problems connected to night work
Stomach-intestine problems
Mental reactions, for instance nervousness, irritation, restlessness
Deterioration of existing diabetes
Sleeping problems

How do you relieve problems if any
Plan your sleep and respect that you need it!
Respect your rest time
Talk to your doctor and get him to council you 

About the law
Where do I find further information?
AT guidelines D.7.5, August 2010 - Health control at night work.