Health Control Model and FAQ

Each distributor may use the below model or another solution when your choose health control for night work. By the way no one is obliged beyond the decisions in force and each distributor is responsible for observing the rules in their own company.

Suggestion for model

  • The company arranges with a company that makes the health control
  • Once a year an information meeting is being held for all interested employees. At the meeting personnel from  the company making the health control informs about the importance of health control and how the control works. At the meeting general information material will be available about night work. Moreover it is possible to have your blood pressure taken etc and discuss  questions of health in general.
  • Informationmaterial about health control will be sent to all employed paperboys in which it is stated how the health control is carried through and when they can participate according to the demands in the agreement. Newly employed paper-boys  receive similar information in connection with the start of their employment according to the demands in the agreement.
  • If more than 20 employees get a health control on a yearly basis the company in charge of the control is obliged to forward a yearly general report to the employer. The report should be discussed in the environment organization.

Health Control is carried out step by step

  • The individual paperboy goes through a web-based medical examination of 30 minutes.
  • The result of the examination will be evaluated by medical personnel from the company in charge of the health control.
  • If the web-based examination indicates pontential complications in connection withthe night work, the paperboy will be contacted by telephone by a medical person from the company in charge of the health control. The telephone consultation will take 15 minutes and will end by a recommendation to see your own doctor.
  • Your doctor can diagnose you or refer you to further examination and finally treatment.

The abovementioned lives up to the demands in the agreement, the AT guidelines and demands in force, according to workingtime regulations.

A number of companies offer the abovementioned services. Alectia seems to be advantageous.

Every single distributor makes a deal with the company and therefore it is not an actual line arrangement that binds the distributors to follow the model.  Consequently there will be no general line report from the health controls. 

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