Snow and icy roads

Working in wintertime 

Every year at wintertime, it is appropriate for employer and employees to pay attention to the possibility of snowfall and icy roads.

Go to, the site contains a lot of good advice, facts and ideas concerning snowfall and icy roads.

When there are problems carrying out the work due to snowfall and icy roads, the deliverer is to report the problem to the responsible manager. The manager will find the solution to solve the problem in the specific situation, in accordance with the working environment legislation.

If the weather forecast predicts snowfall and icy roads, it is a good idea to warn the employees about the risk, so they can be cautious.


The 6 tips


1.      Make sure your bike or scooter is serviced and ready for winter.

2.      Use quality lighting, for the bike as well as for yourself.

3.      Use reflective vest.

4.      Follow the weather forecast, so you are prepared for the weather to come.

5.      If possible, use slip resistant shoes.

6.      Contact the responsible manager, if there is a problem carrying out the work.