Competition entry

- For deliverers east of Storebælt-



Thank you to all, who participated in the competition, where the winning prize is a cool bike, worth 5000 kr.


The correct answer for these three questions is marked with red:


1.       Work has to be carried out:

a.       As fast as possible

b.      In a way that ensures health and safety

c.       Before coffee-break


2.      APV is:

a.       Antipathy assessment

b.      The Fire Departments new hotline

c.       Workplace assessment


3.      If you have an accident at work, the compulsory insurance against accidents at work will cover. For the insurance to cover, the accident has to bed reported to:

a.       Your distribution Manager

b.      Your personal insurance

c.       The Police



The winner will be found by the end of May 2018. The winner will be contacted directly.